Andrew Cotton
From 2000 to 2015, JLA was fortunate to provide a discerning clientele with historically-relevant fine art, collection planning, value analysis, representation at auction, and logistics including moving, installing, storing, and insuring world-class work.

Working with private and public clients, artists, auction houses, civic officials, museums, real estate developers, non-profits, production companies and publishers, buying and selling work on behalf of and to private and public collections in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australasia, auctioning work for charity locally and lending it internationally in partnership with the US State Department, JLA valued the opportunity to provide work that is refined and relevant at rates that provide for short, medium, and long-term gains, while maintaining a vital connection with the urban environments that we call home.

With the launch of Jan's solo career with a show with HG Contemporary (see also the solo work page optimized for hand-held devices), the representative practice has now been closed, with appreciation for each of the artists represented here whom Jan has had the honor of working with and representing over the years. He wishes to thank them, and each of his collectors and clients, for the privilege of working with them in preparation for this next exciting chapter of his career.

With every best wish for our very bright tomorrows,