Andrew Cotton

Frank Gonzales is an American contemporary artist gaining recognition among collectors throughout the U.S. and Europe. Mixing classical technique and modern sensibility, Frank explores classical subjects, organic and geometric shapes, color theory and compositions that establish a dialogue between his audience and the canvas.

Gonzales was born in Mesa, Arizona, where he received classical training in the arts. After four years of working under master instructors Darlene Swaim and Jim Garrison, his talent was rewarded with a scholarship to the Laguna College of Art and Design. There he experimented with many mediums until he chose to work mainly in acrylic paint, due to its immediacy and elastic possibilities.

Gonzales explains that his work is “process oriented,” which means that the creative process remains open to possibilities from the beginning of a composition until the final brush stroke is applied. In the process, he is at liberty to shift and merge conceptions that are abstract, representational, or a combination of both. His influences and inspirations derive from a diverse set of sources, from the work of Old Masters to contemporary innovations in graphic design, even to a wide range of musical compositions.

In his own words: "I like to construct and deconstruct during the process, leaving traces of my journey in the end result. I find that painting figures, landscapes and birds allow me to cross-pollinate certain elements from one painting to another. I am constantly growing as an artist, everyday."