Andrew Cotton
Native New Yorker Helen Herder studied at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts and the Art Student’s League, most recently earning the latter’s Merit Scholarship for 2008.

When Helen and her husband Milton moved to Brooklyn in 2002, she found a subject that moved her: “Dumbo’s special cityscape and its then-gritty aspect had enormous appeal.
The buildings, bridges, glimpses of sky and river made a fascinating visual patchwork of strong but disparate shapes that I found exciting.I made dozens of oil sketches and larger paintings.

“I even carried the approach into my kitchen still-life series; close-clustered arrangements of cereal boxes, kitchen utensils, detergent bottles, etc.There is an interesting disconnect between the ordinariness, even ugliness, of these commonplace objects, and the beauty and dignity they gained from their clustering.”

With a style reminiscent of Diebenkorn and Hopper, Herder’s urban Americana bring a pleasant and patient abstract surreality to fresh New York streetscapes and still lifes:

“My work is not guided by any conscious theory or rationale; I paint intuitively.”