Andrew Cotton

Painter Richard Nocera (b. 1973) works in gesso and oil to create large-scale figurative works and landscapes heavy in texture, communicating a rich depth of meaning and emotion.His exquisite attention to detail and play in light and shadow are as compelling as the subjects he portrays.

This new series is a tribute to Nocera’s late friend and photographer Brett Cala, with whom he forms a unique collaboration:

“As the result of confronting the loss of life-long friend, photographer Brett Cala, I began immersing myself in the thousands of photos Brett had shot.Choosing 13 images, I forced myself to define what my relationship to him is now and was then, and who the men, women and children in the photos are to me.I also had to consider Brett’s relationship to his subjects, and theirs to the each of us.Through these questions, Brett and his images revealed their answers. A unique collaboration was formed, and my paintings were born.This improbable collaboration of best friend survived only through memory and his images of Africa have brought me some peace and helped me realize these works.A process that extends further than the oils on these canvases, affirming within me that through our empathy of others comes strength and love for ourselves.”

Attending the prestigious Cambridge School of Weston in Massachusetts, Richard first embraced his art as a desire to communicate.His paintings started being collected during his early years as a painter while attending college at The Parsons School of Design, in New York and Paris.

Nocera left Parsons/Paris in the middle of his third year to seek out classical training, and began apprenticing with figurative painter Attila Richard Lukacs.During a two-year apprenticeship, painting out of Manhattan’s Meatpacking district, Richard began painting on a much larger scale.

Nocera continues to paint out of his Brooklyn studio, and his exploration of figure and landscape continues to explore heavy textures, shadow, light, and compelling subjects.