February 2016 Fashion >> Forward
September 2015 Market Makers
December 2009 Holiday Smorgasbord, Tribeca Pop-up
September 2009 Michael McNamara, American Artist
June 2009 Esteban Kremenchuzky
February 2009 Jaimie Walker, 009
January 2009 Eric Rachel Hudak, Atomic
November 2008 Richard Nocera, Through the Energy of Empathy
October 2008 Andrew Cotton, 5769
October 2008 New Work by Choichun Leung and The Economist book launch
September 2008 Grégoire Ganter, JLA Baxter
April 2008 Alicia Suarez
March 2008 Ivan Yovanovich
February 2008 Choichun Leung
November 2007 Bates Wilson, Zeus
September 2006 Mac Premo, Solid State
June 2006 Block Party
May 2006 Tom Hoppe, The Split of the Structure
March 2006 David Dalva
November 2005 Kyle Thompson, American Beauty
October 2005 Artsfest Group Show
Sam Bassett, Size
September 2005 Eric Orr, Iconic Drawings
August 2005 Cass Bird & Rashaad Newsome, Crossroads
Leonard Ursachi, American Arsenal
July 2005 Eric LoPresti, Against Nature
June 2005 Brett Reilly, Superboy
Lena Viddo, Supergirl Psychedelic
May 2005 Jamel Shabazz, Three the Hard Way
April 2005 Jim McDermott, No Cure for Curiosity
March 2005 Kieran McGonnell, Symbolic Logic
Art In Auction fundraiser
February 2005 Jerome Lagarrigue, Synchresis
January 2005 Josh Goldstein, Bodega
December 2004 Patricia Frida, Home for the Holidays
November 2004 Oliver Vernon, Elliptical
Lena Viddo, American Girl
October 2004 Bates Wilson, Riveted
September 2004 Chillemi-Kelly
April 2003 Spring, Sprung
March 2003 Proda Too
February 2003 Queen of Hearts
January 2003 Proda Show
December 2002 Holidays
November 2002 Superfine
October 2002 Multi-site
September 2002 Artsfest
August 2002 Kinotoo
July 2002 Kinocall
June 2002 Main Street
May 2002 Discover theXpo
August 2001 Arts For Cambodia benefit